Replace a bridge on historic Route 66 within a 96-hour window? The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Arizona Department of Transportation, Mohave County, and Pulice crews were up for the challenge – in fact, the bridge was built in just 87 hours on the Sacramento Wash Bridge project. This was a much-needed project for the area – the rural two-lane road flooded 33 days during a 2-year period, creating a 24-mile detour each time. To fix this issue, the design work called for the installation of a bridge over Sacramento Wash, with prefabricated elements to speed up construction. Ultimately, the road’s profile was raised by 10 feet.

Pulice crews fabricated the bridge in Phoenix, then transported it in sections to the site, which was close to four hours away. A tight schedule, rural location, and limited right-of-way contributed to the challenging nature of the project. Additionally, the project received national attention – FHWA, ADOT, and Mohave County partnered on a demonstration showcase that took place during construction, with more than 80 participants involved from State and County agencies. The project was funded in part by FHWA’s Accelerated Innovation Deployment Demonstration program, receiving $1 million in funds, with a total project cost of $2.9M. Because the prefabricated bridge elements cut down the closure period to less than four days, an estimated $2.6M was saved in expenses to motorists.

Want to see the build in action? Check out the video here:

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