The Challenge

Pulice replaced the existing sanitary sewer main along Broadway Road from 51st Avenue to 33rd Avenue (Phase 2A), 33rd Avenue to 10th Avenue (Phase 2B), and 10th Avenue to 17th Street (Phase 2C) with a new, larger main to increase capacity in meeting future wastewater flow demands, 17th Street to 30th Street (Phase 2D) and side streets along the 2C project alignment (Small Streets).

The project included approximately 100 sanitary sewer bypass locations for pipe diameters ranging from 8” to 54.” The locations varied from converging lines of transmission mains to service connection with a maximum of 7.5 MGD. The project was broken into five phases over seven years due to the funding stream. During preconstruction services phased GMPs were provided to match the City of Phoenix annual budget constraints.

Broadway Road Sewer Main Improvements