Interstate 15, Virgin River Gorge Bridge #6 Rehabilitation CMAR

The Virgin River Gorge Bridge #6 CMAR is located in the far northwest corner of the state on I-15 between Nevada and Utah. The project team worked within a limited equipment staging area, on a bridge 100 feet above the river with 24,000 vehicles per day traveling through the work zone.

The Pulice-led joint venture project, which involved the replacement of the superstructure of the bridge, required close coordination and communication with three state DOTs and numerous Federal agencies to minimize traffic and environmental impacts, while reconstructing the bridge within the tight conditions of the Gorge.

Utilizing the partnering process helped the team identify construction needs early in the cost modeling process. The project team quickly achieved an acceptable GMP through early engagement at 30%, 60% and 90% constructability reviews and cost models.


Owner: Arizona Department of Transportation
Location: Northern AZ
Construction Cost: $27.2M
Market: Transportation