Perris Dam Seismic Remediation

The purpose of this project is to upgrade the seismic safety of Perris Dam to meet current new seismic standards. To accomplish this, Pulice is performing work to strengthen the dam’s foundation through the construction of a new compacted berm; extension of the existing blanket drain; construction of new drain line, new toe drain, and relief well system; and cement deep soil mixing treatment of the alluvium beneath the footprint of the compacted berm.

Pulice’s modifications include extending the existing drainage system that is comprised of 1.8 million CY of filter material, drain material, and compacted berm buttress. When complete, the berm will be 4,100’ long x 180’ wide x 50’ tall.


Owner: California Department of Water Resources
Location: Lake Perris, CA
Construction Cost: $75M
Market: Water