Pulice was presented with the Arizona Transportation Builders Association (ATB) 2016 Ben Patton Luster Construction Safety Excellence Award on January 21, 2017 at the ATB Installation dinner held in Tucson, AZ. Environmental, Safety, & Health Director Phil Carnevale and Structures Superintendent Jeff Eagar accepted the award on behalf of the company. This award recognizes a company-wide commitment to construction safety and an ability to tackle safety challenges with creative solutions.

As part of the judging process, Pulice presented their unique safety challenge: heat exposure on the SR 303L/I-10 Traffic Interchange. Crews were tasked with pouring several 100’ columns, each containing 250 cy of concrete. With a pour rate limited to 7 feet per hour, the pour duration would exceed 14 hours. As a result of a Safety Leadership Team (SLT) meeting, the solution of the “Column Cooler” was created and implemented onsite. The system consisted of an AC Unit safely secured on top of scaffolding, with manmade air ducts fed into the column to provide cool air to the column during hot summer days. The “Column Cooler” allowed the crew to work for an additional 45 minutes inside the column, which resulted in fewer crew changes and optimized production.

This solution has become a best practice for Pulice crews, and will be used as needed on future projects. Congrats to Phil and Jeff, and the I-10/303L Traffic Interchange project team for going the extra mile for safety efforts!

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